What is the best Samsung phone for you? If you’re looking for a phone with a 5G capability and a Plastic back, read on. You’ll also learn about the Snapdragon X60 modem and 120Hz maximum refresh rate. Whether you’re looking for a phone for a friend or for yourself, the Samsung Galaxy S21 might be the perfect choice. Read on to find out how this smartphone stacks up.

5G phone

The Samsung Galaxy S21 5G has a unique contour-cut camera that lets you take stunning 8K video and still photos. Its five-gigahertz chip and strongest glass protect your device, and its long-lasting battery allows you to stay connected all day. And what makes it unique is its all-day battery. It can hold up to five hours of continuous usage, making it a great option for long trips.

The Galaxy S21 5G supports both the sub-6 and mmWave versions of the new technology, which means that it can work on any carrier in the United States. However, 5G should not be the sole reason you should purchase the Galaxy S21, as the speed of the network will likely improve over time. However, the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G is a great first phone for 5G users and should be available on three of the four major US carriers.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 5G comes with Android 11 operating system. It weighs six ounces and features a 6.2-inch display. It has a 12-megapixel primary camera, a 10-megapixel selfie camera, and 8GB of RAM. It has 128GB of storage, and it runs on Android 11. It was tested by Consumer Reports in the cell phone testing program, where it was evaluated according to multiple criteria. For example, the camera is given a score based on subjective judgments of test images.

Plastic back

Earlier reports suggested that only the regular Galaxy S21 and Galaxy 21+ will have a plastic back. But now it appears that even the ultra-premium Galaxy S21 Ultra will be available with a plastic back. The source of this report is ex-Samsung employee Johyun Lee, who has been leaking details of upcoming products for quite some time. Samsung has long been known for having glass back designs, but this year’s Galaxy S21 will be the first handset with a plastic back.

While the Galaxy S21 is expected to come with a plastic back, there’s a chance that there will be a third camera on the back. The Galaxy S21’s metal frame is now part of the phone’s back, while its plastic back is curved upwards. The rear of the Galaxy S21 resembles a curved piece of glass, and the plastic back flows into the raised camera island.

The downside of this design is that it makes the phone appear cheaper than the Galaxy S21+. While the S21 is slightly more expensive than the S20, it is still more affordable than the S20. If Samsung has decided to use a plastic back on its new flagship, it is likely that most users will opt to put a case on it. However, a recent survey from Statista reveals that 79 percent of smartphone owners use a case.

Qualcomm X60 modem

The Galaxy S21 could have the new Qualcomm X60 modem. This new modem is the successor to Qualcomm’s previous X60 model, which can support up to 7.5Gbps download speeds and 3Gbps upload speeds. It can also aggregate sub-6 networks using millimeter-wave spectrum, improving the overall performance and average speeds. However, Samsung has not officially confirmed the X60’s production.

The X60 modem in the Galaxy S21 is similar to the one in the iPhone 13 and Pixel 6 Pro. The modems are only one piece of the puzzle, and other factors, such as software, antenna placement, and battery life, should be considered as well. The Pixel 6 Pro has a single mmWave antenna on the top edge, while the Galaxy S21 has two on either side.

In a head-to-head comparison, the Pixel 6 Pro struggles to surpass 1Gbps, while the Galaxy S21 reaches more than 2Gbps. Both phones have good signal coverage, though the Galaxy S21 is more reliable in rural areas. In a head-to-head comparison, the Galaxy S21 has a greater number of head-to-head wins. Qualcomm claims that this chip will help spread 5G to different products, from robots to VR headsets.

120Hz maximum refresh rate

The Samsung Galaxy S21/S21+/Ultra boasts a display with a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz. To enable this feature, you need to input its name between double inverted commas and the word 120Hz. Next, type in 24.0 for the value. You can also manually adjust the refresh rate of your display with the help of a slider. Once you’ve adjusted the refresh rate, the phone will be ready to display content at the full rate.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series features a full-HD screen with a 120Hz maximum refresh rate. However, you should note that it’s only possible to use the full-HD resolution on these two models. You won’t be able to enjoy the ultra-high refresh rate on the S21 Plus, though, as its resolution is FHD+ only. If you’re looking for a phone with a 120Hz maximum refresh rate, you’re likely to find the Galaxy S21 a better option than the S20.

If you’re looking for an affordable phone with a 120Hz maximum refresh rate, consider the Samsung Galaxy S21. This smartphone is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a large, high-quality screen without breaking the bank. The screen is beautiful and the responsiveness is excellent. It’s also possible to play games with 120Hz on a Samsung phone. The 120Hz maximum refresh rate of the Galaxy S21 makes it a great option for gamers.

Exynos 2100 processor

The Samsung Exynos 2100 processor on the Galaxy S21 is capable of running several different tasks simultaneously. For example, the chip supports six individual sensors at a time, which enables users to take pictures with great detail and clarity. Moreover, it supports UFS 2.1 and 3.1 storage, as well as LPDDRS memory. All these features are a great improvement over the previous generation Exynos processor, which was only good enough for basic tasks.

The Exynos 2100 is Samsung’s first premium mobile chipset to include an integrated 5G modem. Its integrated 5G modem can deliver up to 7.35Gbps in mmWave networks and up to 3.0Gbps in sub-6GHz bands. The processor also features a tri-core neural processing unit capable of performing 26 trillion operations per second. As a result, the Galaxy S21 is a powerful mobile computing device that offers great performance and superior multimedia capabilities.

In addition to its improved performance, the Exynos 2100 has a higher clock frequency than previous Exynos processors. It also uses a tri-cluster structure, allowing it to deliver better performance and power efficiency. Despite the relatively high price, it is definitely worth checking out the Galaxy S21 for its performance and functionality. This new processor is already available on other Samsung phones, and will soon be available on the Galaxy S21.

Support for sub-6GHz and mmWave standards

Samsung’s new Galaxy S21 is expected to support both mmWave and sub-6GHz 5G standards. The S20 is one of the smaller models in the S20 series. Adding support for mmWave 5G would require two antenna modules around the phone’s frame, which would take up significant space. For this reason, Samsung decided to leave the S20 with only sub-6GHz 5G support.

While both standards support 5G, the mmWave standard is less effective than sub-6GHz. This means that mmWave networks have less range and are prone to signal issues. However, Qualcomm recently announced its new third-generation QTM535 mmWave antenna modules, which will be available to manufacturers in February 2020. Unlike their predecessors, Qualcomm’s new modules are smaller and less bulky, allowing manufacturers to release thinner phones and tablets. These modules also support a variety of global bands.

Samsung’s S21 is also compatible with AT&T’s 5G network, which supports both mmWave and sub-6GHz. This is great news for AT&T customers who are waiting for the first devices to arrive in their area. However, mmWave deployments are still limited to certain neighborhoods and cities, and sub-6GHz 5G is more widespread. Support for both sub-6GHz and mmWave standards on galaxy s21 phones will be available to select AT&T business customers.


If you’re looking for a smartphone that does it all, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is the device for you. This smartphone boasts the fastest chip, the most powerful glass, 5G, and an all-day battery. Its contour-cut camera is perfect for capturing 8K video and stills. But it’s more than just a camera. It has a few other exciting features, too.

The Galaxy S21 is expected to launch next month. The latest rumor has it that the device will cost just under $699, which is about Rs 53,000 for the base model. The device will be available in black, white, olive green, and lavender. Samsung has also announced that the S21 will be sold at select retail stores and online retailers. The price may vary depending on the country, but we’ve seen it around EUR 1,349 and Rs. 1,21,000 in India.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is a good phone for the price. The price is significantly lower than the S20 family. However, the phone may change its name to the S30 later. As Samsung has already released a few versions of its flagship phone, the Galaxy S21 could also lose its moniker. This may affect sales, but the Galaxy S21 is still a great phone to consider. This device has everything you need for a perfect Android experience.

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