With a few minor tweaks and some major changes, iOS 15 will be the best version yet. With this version, you can expect a new multitasking menu, improved Messages and Maps, and much more. In this article, I’ll share some of my favorite new features in iOS 15.

Improved multitasking menu

Using the new improved multitasking menu on iOS 15 is easier than ever. You can now bring up the multitasking view from the App Switcher page or tap the multitasking icon from the Shelf. If you’re on the go, you can use keyboard shortcuts to move between apps. You can now also bring up multiple windows from the same application. Here are some of the new keyboard shortcuts:

Apple has reworked the multitasking concept by moving it to a menu-based design with a tiny control at the top. The company also considered user pain points, which they addressed with Split View, which was sometimes a hassle. This is why Apple changed Split View so you can always access the Home screen. There are several other small improvements as well, which all contribute to a better multitasking experience.

Another change to iOS is the improved multitasking menu on iPad. Previously, switching between apps required gestures. Now, you can simply tap the multitasking icon to change the view of your iPad. Using the new multitasking menu is convenient, but not every app supports it. Before, you had to choose from the Dock or select another app from the shelves. However, this is no longer the case.

The new Multitasking menu allows you to access multiple windows with different views. You can use the Center Window to open several apps at the same time. The new Multitasking menu has three icons. The first two are the multitasking window and the second is the center window. The Center Window is available only in the Mail, Notes, and Messages apps. If you need to switch back and forth between different windows, simply use the third option.

Improved Maps

Apple announced last week that it is rolling out an updated version of iOS, with improved maps and 3D city views available in six cities. The new features were initially launched in London, Los Angeles, New York City, and San Diego, and were followed by Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia, respectively. Apple has said that it plans to add support for additional cities in the coming months. Until then, users in those cities can take advantage of the new features.

Apple Maps is more detailed in select cities and in all locations, including the Infinite Loop. This update shows full street details and even trees, buildings, and landmarks. 3D rendering of landmarks is now available, and the company plans to extend the feature to more cities in the future. Night/dark mode has also been improved, with new colors being added to show more details during the day. Users will also find improved street views and navigation.

Users will be able to mark their favorite routes and see departures from nearby stations. Voice Guidance is also available on Apple’s watch, which gives users a voice guide while they ride. This feature lets people focus on the path ahead, while Apple Maps still needs to catch up with Google Maps’ reviews. So far, the improved Maps feature is promising. But it’s far from perfect, but it’s worth a try.

Apple is also updating the Weather app, which will now have temperature, precipitation, and air quality maps. The next countries getting upgraded map layers include Australia and Italy. To get a good look at the updated maps, head over to MacRumors. Justin O’Beirne has been adding screenshots of the new maps. There’s still no official confirmation from Apple, but a lot of speculation is still out there.

Improved Messages

Among the many new features in iOS 15, Messages has received some important updates. Photos and videos sent via Messages are now displayed in their corresponding apps. Messages links appear in the “Shared For You” section of the Safari start page. This makes it easier for you to reply to a message and to share photos and videos. This update also brings a number of bug fixes. Here are the key features:

– FaceTime integration. FaceTime integration is now possible for users of Android and Windows devices. It also has improved media sharing features, including SharePlay. You can share media with friends and family by simply swiping right on their screen. FaceTime and Video calling aren’t the only new features of iOS 15.

– Redesigned web browser. The web browser is now more customizable with extensions from macOS. It also has a new home screen with customizable layout. The new home screen can be customized and makes it easier to quickly access important information. In iOS 15, you can send photos without requiring the recipient’s permission. If you have a problem with FaceTime or the Safari web browser, you can restore previous versions of iOS.

– Memoji support. The Memoji app is now available for iOS. Memoji stickers now come in different poses and colors. You can even choose a torso in the frame. Another great feature is the addition of more than 40 different outfits for Memoji characters. This feature was not available in beta one. If you’re looking to send a personalized message, iOS 15 is a good choice.

Improved Photos

The new iOS 15 update includes a range of exciting features to improve the way you interact with your photos. Improved real-time photo processing, advanced camera controls, and more all make iOS 15 a must-have upgrade for any photography enthusiast. Here’s a closer look at what you can expect in iOS 15.

Memories are a central part of the Photos app, which has been reorganized to be more visible and easy to access. In the previous iOS 14 release, Memories were hidden behind the Featured Photos and Sharing Suggestions tabs. If you wanted to view the Memories collection, you had to tap the cover image of a photo to access it. With iOS 15, this feature is right at your fingertips.

Another feature of iOS 15 is Visual Lookup, which uses artificial intelligence to identify objects in photos. When an object is in the frame of a picture, the Photos app will recognize it and open a search for similar objects. Likewise, you can use the live camera viewer to search for text in a photo. This feature is also available on Mac. And a recent update has added support for AirDropping photos to your Mac.

Another major update to Photos is Live Text. The new feature will recognize text in photos and offer users the option to copy or translate it. Live Text is also available in the camera and in other Apple apps. It also helps you find a phone number within an image. The iPhone camera will even translate the text for you in supported languages. Lastly, the improved Photos app is now more intuitive and easy to use than ever. You’ll appreciate this new update in no time!

Improved Memories

In iOS 15, Memories in Photos app will get several improvements, including auto-generated slideshows with Apple Music recommendations. The app will also be more interactive, with more templates and a fresh look. There are also new categories for Memories in iOS 15. You can also keep a log of app usage with the new Record App Activity option in Settings. It will keep a 7-day log of apps and their usage. Bad apps will be easily visible.

You can choose to show more or less of the memories you have. You can choose to show only specific memories and skip others. You can also choose to see fewer memories of specific people, places, or holidays. You can also change the duration of the Memory by tapping on it and choosing the “Share” icon in the upper right corner. To share the Memories with friends and family, tap the “Share” button in the top right corner.

If you want to show more photos from a certain trip, you can select multiple memories in the Photos section. In addition, the Memories feature now supports animated cards, adaptive titles, and multiple image collages. It will also automatically apply appropriate contrast and color adjustments to photos and videos. The new feature mimics how color grading works in film studios, so users can view their memories on the device’s screen.

The Photos app is constantly improving thanks to machine learning, and Improved Memories is a great way to showcase your memories. Memories are personalized collections of photos with important places, events, and people. Apple has even introduced the option to create personalized Memory mixes with music, look, and feel. You can choose from the 12 options in the Memory Mixes screen. So how do you make the memories you have on your iPhone better?

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